About us

“What are you waiting for? If nobody else is going to do it for you, do it yourself!” These words made all the difference for Theonitsa, founder of AMAATA.

“I often complained about how chic shoes for women are extremely uncomfortable,” she says. “Eventually, my mother got tired of listening to me complaining – and encouraged me to make my own shoes.” At that time, Theonitsa was still working in international corporate business with a lot of travelling but had been dreaming of designing shoes and bags for a long time. “Although I didn’t feel fulfilled in my job any longer, it still seemed unimaginable, even scary, to leave my comfort zone and start all over again.” But her mother’s words gave her the right push at the right time and finally inspired her to give her life a whole new direction. She instilled in me her unique personal style and pragmatic approach to life: “If you want something done, do it yourself. And the time to do that is right now.”

Today, Theonitsa wants to encourage and empower other women to follow their dreams. Her brave and passionate approach is inspiring, and her brand and ultimately her shoes and bags not only reflect her own set of values, but that of many modern people. “AMAATA is a brand for those who move through life with purpose,” she says. As a woman who cares about a unique, timeless style but also about functionality and comfort, she fashions wearable, authentic shoes into an effortless collection for busy, independent women around the world. 

Our Mission

AMAATA believes in back-to-reality sophistication. Because everyday life determines everyday style. And everyday style affects everyday life. Effortless, exceptional, empowering: We are here to redefine everyday shoe and bag style for modern, open-minded people who embrace their multi-facetted, powerful selves while still looking the part.

We pay close attention to detail in regard staying chic, without compromising comfort. We are convinced that sublime style is not about trends, but about knowing what product matches your personality, lifestyle and values. Instead of following fast-fashion trends, we focus on what matters: timeless simplicity fused with high-end quality, unique and fair manufacturing.

Our ethics

AMAATA aims at balancing aesthetics and ethics. Based and founded in Germany with Greek roots and a cosmopolitan mindset, all of our shoes and bags – including the dust bags and boxes – are exclusively handcrafted in Greece while maintaining fair, responsible and safe working conditions.

We use certified leather from Italy with European origin (USDA and LWG certified) and soft goat skin from Greece. In order to avoid overproduction, we produce small quantities.
We value excellent quality craftsmanship and work closely with our dedicated partners, family-owned Greek businesses with decades of experience. They share our passion for handmade shoes and bags and love what they do. Just like we do.